Bedford-Stuyvesant Food Not Bombs
123 Community Space
123 Tompkins Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Dear Community Member,

            Bedford-Stuyvesant Food Not Bombs is a local-global movement aimed at drawing attention to and challenging the unequal distribution of one of our communities' most basic rights — food. Food Not Bombs volunteers understand that there is enough food in this world to ensure that no one ever goes hungry, and we want to spread this understanding to others in an ongoing effort to build and strengthen communities. Together with community supported agriculture (CSA) projects, local groceries, food pantries, community-based organizations and other passionate and committed members of the community, Brooklyn FNB works daily to collect, cook, and publicly redistribute healthy, delicious, vegan food that would otherwise go to waste. One of the most important ways to participate is to share even a little surplus food that might otherwise be discarded. We hope that your business may join us in our mission by providing any vegetarian food that has not yet spoiled even if it might have exceeded the sell-by date.

Outline of our process:

1)    Food donations are preferably picked up on Friday nights from 9 ... 11:30 PM and Saturday mornings from 10 ... 1 PM.

2)    We do all of the necessary transportation, distribution, outreach, etc.

3)    We only take food that is vegetarian. Food Not Bombs caters to all peoples, and provides food that does not exclude people for ethical or religious beliefs.

4)    We take food that has not yet spoiled but would normally go to waste, including products that have exceeded their sell by date.

5)    Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. Our contact information is found at the top of the page.

Thank you for your time, consideration and community support.


Bedford-Stuyvesant Food Not Bombs